Return Policy

Dear Customers, thank you for shopping at BRAPPERS!
For your understanding, please read following BRAPPERS exchange & Returns policy.

Return policy:

If the purchased products' sizes are wrong, they are eligible to return within 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee period.
Only one free return service is provided per order. If there was free gifts or accessories came with the shipment or the receipt was received, the gifts, accessories and receipt need to be sent together with returning goods. If any item was missing, it need to be sent back at consumer's own cost in order to complete the return process.
All products in the single order need to be returned altogether.

Kind reminder

Please apply return service online within 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee period. Our customer service colleagues will arrange courier to pick up goods at your desired location. Please do not send back the goods yourself.
Please put the goods back to the original bag/carton or un-transparent bag/carton and "sealed properly". Please do not use transparent bag to pack the goods to avoid the goods might be lost during transportation. If returned goods is lost because of improper packed then we will proceed the return process for the items we actually received.
Once you applied for return service, within 2-3 working days the Courier person will contact you to arrange the time to pick up the goods. Please pass the returning goods to the courier person and check the list of content and keep the delivery receipt for further tracking.
Once we receive the returned goods, we will check the quantity and condition of goods before proceed for returning. And the payment will be refund according to the payment method.
If receipt is received after you returned the goods. Please send back the receipt to finish the returning procedure.
If receipt is missing then the returning procedure cannot be completed. Please keep the receipt and send along with returning goods.
Returning goods pick up is not available in following regions: Matzu - Nangang Township, Beigang Township, Chukuang Township and Dongyin Township.
If free gifts came along with original purchase then the gifts need to be sent back together with returning goods. If the gift is not included in the returning goods package, then it should be sent back at consumers' own cost.


Pay by credit card:
After we receive your returned goods and confirmed all goods are in returnable condition. We will refund the money back to the same credit card paid for the order within 7-10 working days (weekends and holidays are not included). Please check your credit card bill.
As each bank has different refund timeline policy, please contact your issue bank of your credit card for actual timeline of your refund.
Payment done by Web ATM:
When you apply for returning service, please also provide us with your bank account information for refund. After we receive your returned goods and confirmed all goods are in returnable condition. We will refund the money to your assigned account within 7-10 working days (weekends and holidays are not included).

Note on refund information

Please click on "Contact us" to leave your refund information (the account name has to be the same person who purchased the goods).
Please provide us with account number, account name, bank code and branch name.
Please do not add bank code at your bank account.
For Postal Bank(bank code 700) account, please provide account number with branch code + account number.
Please note: ATM card, VISA debit card number may not be the same as account number. Please write account number according to your bank passbook.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Electronic register receipt
Receipt will be sent out after 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee period, please make sure you receive it.
If uniform tax number is needed on the receipt, please provide the company name and uniform tax number at checkout procedure.

Kind reminder

Only one receipt per order.
If triplicate receipt is required, please provide the details including company name and uniform tax number.
Once the receipt is issued, details such as company name and uniform number cannot be amended. Duplicate receipt cannot be switched to triplicate receipt. Please check all information provided is correct before checkMaintenence:

For the goods purchased at BRAPPERS online store, we would evaluate the goods which wants to be sized or imperfect goods and recommendation would be provided. If any cost would occur, we would provide quotation before proceed for repairing.

Contact Information:

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