To ensure your convenience, BRAPPERS accepts different ways of payment.

Shopping procedure:

choose products→ add to cart→ continue shopping/check out→ log in/register→ choose " payment method" and delivery→ confirm order details→ checkout→ shopping order done.

Tracking orders:

Please click on “my account” at upper right corner and enter your email and password to log in, then simply click on "order record" to check the status of your order.

Payment methods:

Credit card - pay and deliver to door.
Web ATM - pay and deliver to door.(Only accept VISA, Mastercard, JCB and Union Pay cards issued by Taiwanese banks)
All online payment data transmissions are secured by SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your privacy.

Kind reminder

Please check content of your order before check out. Once the order is established, both merchandises and the payment method cannot be changed.
We are unable to keep the stocks for you before proceed to checkout, the availability of products are based on the order of payment.
Once the order is placed if deliver address or contact cellphone number needs to be changed, please contact our customer service as soon as possible for changing information (if order is ready to be dispatched then the address and cellphone number cannot be changed).

10-day Satisfaction Guarantee:

According to Consumer Protection Act, BRAPPER provides 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee. The first day will be next day after shipment is delivered till the tenth day is 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee.
For example, if the shipment is signed on 01 January, then the 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee is from 02 January to 11 January.
In this case if you wish to return the order, please click on "order record" and choose the order number you wish to return then click on "return" by 01 January.

Kind reminder

Please note under the following circumstances we are unable to accept return goods:
Past 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee period.
Product was not normally tried on with visible mark from use, damaged or manmade dirt, smell (such as perfume, smoking etc.) or stained by makeup.
Products been washed, missing accessories or hanging tags been cut off (for special package, please return all packing accessories).
The products are been amended or tailored.
Gifts came with merchandise are not returned.


Online credit card payment, Web ATM transmit: The shipment will be sent 3 working days after the payment is done.
Delivery area: All cities and counties in Taiwan island, part of Penghu, Part of Kinmen (Kinmen island and Leiyu island), Liuqiu, whole area of Matsu and Green island.

Kind reminder

Please note under the following circumstances we are unable to accept return goods:
No shipment delivery in following areas
Yilan County - Diaoyutai (whole region)
Kaohsiung City - Dongsha (whole region) and Nansha (whole region)
Penghu County - Magong(Hujing islet & Tongpan islet), Wangan (whole region), Chimei (whole region), Baishia(Datsanyu islet, Yuanbei, Niaoyu lslet, Jibeiyu)
Kinmen County- Leiyu (Dadan Island & Erdan Island)、Wuqin (whole region)
Taitung - Orchid Island (whole area)
Area of no pick up for return goods: Matsu - Nangan Township, Beigan Township, Chukuang Township and Dongyin Township.
For return goods of off shore island areas, please send the shipment back to us.

Shipping Policy:

For the single order with amount over NTD1,000, we send the shipment free shipping.
For the single order with amount less than NTD1,000, the shipping cost is NTD80.